Why Participating in Online Crypto Forums is So Crucial

Organization & the Forum

Topics of the Crypto Forum

1. Decentralized Finance

2. Yield Farming

3. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

4. Digital Economy

5. Digital Regulation

6. Cryptocurrency Mining

7. Crypto Exchanges & Trading

What Was the Format of the Forum?

  • More than 7 topics in the crypto and digital sphere;
  • Over 40 speakers and leading experts;
  • 70+ international partners;
  • More than 20,000 participants from around the world.

Who Is This Summit For?

Where There Any Pleasant Surprises?

  1. Dynamic Interactions: It was one of the largest online interactive events not just in the history of Decentralized Event summits but also in the whole digital industry;
  2. Contests & Events: More than ten quizzes on the knowledge of the DeFi market were given to the participants;
  3. Giveaways: If you are new in this world, you can be surprised how big the giveaways were during the session. A fan of raffles and promising tokens? They were too!
  4. After Party: Are you a party-lover? Then you would love this! A Blockchain-themed After Party by Prometheus & Ruslan Sokolovsky was held at the event as well.

Hosts & Speakers


  • Maria Stankevich — EXMO CBDO;
  • Alena Afanaseva — CEO at BeInCrypto;
  • Yan Khavanskiy — CEO at Coindar, Co-Founder Colibri Group, CVO at Bingbon Russia;
  • Yaroslav Kabakov — CVO at Finam;
  • Nikolay Zagvozdkin — Chief Editor at RBC Crypto;
  • Maksim Sukhonosik — Xangle;
  • Lihan Hyunwoo Lee — CTO / Co-founder at Xangle;


  • Artem Moiseev — CEO at J2TX — a crypto ecosystem company allowing people to exchange BTC to USD, ETH to USD, or other crypto money and buy cryptocurrency with your credit card);
  • Ruslan Sokolovskiy — Blogger & CEO at Prometheus, BitJournal;
  • Wes Levitt — Head Of Strategy at Theta Labs, Inc;
  • Jack Ge — Managing Director at CyberVein;
  • Alena Afanaseva — CEO at BeInCrypto;
  • Sami Tannir — DeFi Director at Conflux Network;
  • Esmond Hwee — Head of Sales at ProBit Exchange;
  • Changhak Yeon — CEO at BlockOdyssey;
  • Evgeniy Pavlov — BDM at Binance Russia & CIS; Anton Kobrynets — CEO at Aeneas;
  • Sangwoon Lee — Manager of Berry Culture;
  • Yoon Kim — CMO at Elysia;
  • Sota Watanabe — Founder of Plasm Network;
  • Erez Ben Kiki — CEO at 2key Network;
  • Amirsan Roberto — Co-Founder & Angel Investor at Sinofy Studio;
  • Myrtle Anne Ramos — Founder of Block Tides, Co-CEO of Sinofy;
  • Artyom Kan — Marketing and Business Development Manager at Gate.io Russia;
  • Yemu Xu — Co-Founder & CGO ARPA, Bella Protocol;
  • Jacob Kim — COO of XIGNAL;
  • Raghav Jerath — CEO at Gather Network;
  • Jason Kim — CGBO at SOMESING;
  • Andrey Kisel — CEO at Cryptobrewmaster, CMO at Cryptex24;
  • Pranay Sanghavi — Co-Creator of MahaDAO;
  • Marie Tatibouet — CMO at Gate.io;
  • Vladimir Gorshev — CBDO at ASLA;
  • Sergey Turchenko — Co-Founder of Richamster;
  • Anatoly Arzhantsev — Founder of Freedman Club;
  • Dmitry Volkov — CTO at CEX.IO;
  • Kiryl Lapski — PR Manager at Coffe.io, SMM manager at CrypTown;
  • Lev Mirolyubov — Leader of Trading Community SkyPortal

Speakers of the Commission on Blockchain Technologies & Digital Economy of Russia

  • Nikolay Gadzhiev — VEROS & WIDCI Charity Initiative Founder;
  • Gleb Kostarev — Director at Binance Russia & CIS;
  • Maria Stankevich — EXMO CBDO;
  • Sergey Khitrov — CEO at Listing.help, Blockchain Life;
  • Mikhail Tretiak — Digital Rights Center Legal Company IP/IT Practices Director;
  • Nik Anikin — CEO at Colibri Group, Co-Founder Coindar;
  • Yan Khavanskiy — CEO at Coindar, Co-Founder Colibri Group, CVO at Bingbon Russia;
  • David Lolaev — Co-founder of Quube & SalAd lab;
  • Sarkis Darbinyan — Roskomsvoboda NGO Chief Lawyer;
  • Lihan Hyunwoo Lee — CTO / Co-founder at Xangle

Bonus Tip: How to Do Marketing for Cryptocurrency Businesses?

  1. SMS Marketing: Nothing is better than approaching the audience directly.
  2. Telegram App: Create a channel and interact with your audience closer.
  3. Online Communities: That’s where online forums come to.
  4. Social Media Advertisements: Where to go without them?
  5. Display Ads: Be careful, usually this kind of strategy doesn’t work in the case of cryptocurrencies.
  6. Bitcoin Communities: Crypto forums, online groups, etc.
  7. Email Marketing Campaigns: This can be your loyal partner in the marketing strategy.
  8. Search Engine Optimization: This is one of the most effective and proven ways of boosting website visibility and rankings, so grab it!





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