Why Participating in Online Crypto Forums is So Crucial

Organization & the Forum

The forum on blockchain and decentralized finance (or DEFI) — called Synopsis 2021. The Global DeFi & Digital Economy Summit was held during the weekend — 20–21 Feb 2021 in Moscow.

Topics of the Crypto Forum

What topics are trendy in the digital world today?

1. Decentralized Finance

Decentralized finance (or they are also called “DeFi”) is some type of more experimental type of finance. It refers to the shift from traditional and centralized financial systems into another type of finance that is being used by decentralized technologies (built on Ethereum blockchain).

2. Yield Farming

3. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

A non-fungible token (NFT) — this is how it’s called the next topic of discussion.

4. Digital Economy

5. Digital Regulation

Digital management of the world has brought us a lot of digital regulations and digital infrastructures.

6. Cryptocurrency Mining

Crypto mining is quite a popular topic nowadays in many online forums. You are familiar with Bitcoin mining, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other crypto money mining, or at least you have heard of them.

7. Crypto Exchanges & Trading

What Was the Format of the Forum?

Overall, we meet various types of forums in the world.

  • More than 7 topics in the crypto and digital sphere;
  • Over 40 speakers and leading experts;
  • 70+ international partners;
  • More than 20,000 participants from around the world.

Who Is This Summit For?

You are a newbie in this world? Or perhaps you’re an investigation, digital marketer, search engine optimization specialist, or just an economist?

Where There Any Pleasant Surprises?

The short answer is — YES!

  1. Dynamic Interactions: It was one of the largest online interactive events not just in the history of Decentralized Event summits but also in the whole digital industry;
  2. Contests & Events: More than ten quizzes on the knowledge of the DeFi market were given to the participants;
  3. Giveaways: If you are new in this world, you can be surprised how big the giveaways were during the session. A fan of raffles and promising tokens? They were too!
  4. After Party: Are you a party-lover? Then you would love this! A Blockchain-themed After Party by Prometheus & Ruslan Sokolovsky was held at the event as well.

Hosts & Speakers

Here is the full list of the people who were at the digital event:


  • Maria Stankevich — EXMO CBDO;
  • Alena Afanaseva — CEO at BeInCrypto;
  • Yan Khavanskiy — CEO at Coindar, Co-Founder Colibri Group, CVO at Bingbon Russia;
  • Yaroslav Kabakov — CVO at Finam;
  • Nikolay Zagvozdkin — Chief Editor at RBC Crypto;
  • Maksim Sukhonosik — Xangle;
  • Lihan Hyunwoo Lee — CTO / Co-founder at Xangle;


Here’s the list of the global speakers from the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralized finance industries. It is also worth mentioning that many of them even run progressive cryptocurrency projects. Some of them are widely-recognized so we can conclude that the speakers are professionals in their fields: DeFi, cryptocurrency exchanges, trading, market analysis, marketing, economics, etc.

  • Artem Moiseev — CEO at J2TX — a crypto ecosystem company allowing people to exchange BTC to USD, ETH to USD, or other crypto money and buy cryptocurrency with your credit card);
  • Ruslan Sokolovskiy — Blogger & CEO at Prometheus, BitJournal;
  • Wes Levitt — Head Of Strategy at Theta Labs, Inc;
  • Jack Ge — Managing Director at CyberVein;
  • Alena Afanaseva — CEO at BeInCrypto;
  • Sami Tannir — DeFi Director at Conflux Network;
  • Esmond Hwee — Head of Sales at ProBit Exchange;
  • Changhak Yeon — CEO at BlockOdyssey;
  • Evgeniy Pavlov — BDM at Binance Russia & CIS; Anton Kobrynets — CEO at Aeneas;
  • Sangwoon Lee — Manager of Berry Culture;
  • Yoon Kim — CMO at Elysia;
  • Sota Watanabe — Founder of Plasm Network;
  • Erez Ben Kiki — CEO at 2key Network;
  • Amirsan Roberto — Co-Founder & Angel Investor at Sinofy Studio;
  • Myrtle Anne Ramos — Founder of Block Tides, Co-CEO of Sinofy;
  • Artyom Kan — Marketing and Business Development Manager at Gate.io Russia;
  • Yemu Xu — Co-Founder & CGO ARPA, Bella Protocol;
  • Jacob Kim — COO of XIGNAL;
  • Raghav Jerath — CEO at Gather Network;
  • Jason Kim — CGBO at SOMESING;
  • Andrey Kisel — CEO at Cryptobrewmaster, CMO at Cryptex24;
  • Pranay Sanghavi — Co-Creator of MahaDAO;
  • Marie Tatibouet — CMO at Gate.io;
  • Vladimir Gorshev — CBDO at ASLA;
  • Sergey Turchenko — Co-Founder of Richamster;
  • Anatoly Arzhantsev — Founder of Freedman Club;
  • Dmitry Volkov — CTO at CEX.IO;
  • Kiryl Lapski — PR Manager at Coffe.io, SMM manager at CrypTown;
  • Lev Mirolyubov — Leader of Trading Community SkyPortal

Speakers of the Commission on Blockchain Technologies & Digital Economy of Russia

  • Nikolay Gadzhiev — VEROS & WIDCI Charity Initiative Founder;
  • Gleb Kostarev — Director at Binance Russia & CIS;
  • Maria Stankevich — EXMO CBDO;
  • Sergey Khitrov — CEO at Listing.help, Blockchain Life;
  • Mikhail Tretiak — Digital Rights Center Legal Company IP/IT Practices Director;
  • Nik Anikin — CEO at Colibri Group, Co-Founder Coindar;
  • Yan Khavanskiy — CEO at Coindar, Co-Founder Colibri Group, CVO at Bingbon Russia;
  • David Lolaev — Co-founder of Quube & SalAd lab;
  • Sarkis Darbinyan — Roskomsvoboda NGO Chief Lawyer;
  • Lihan Hyunwoo Lee — CTO / Co-founder at Xangle

Bonus Tip: How to Do Marketing for Cryptocurrency Businesses?

As you may know, the crypto industry is one of the sectors that require a careful approach. The same is concerning marketing strategy development.

  1. SMS Marketing: Nothing is better than approaching the audience directly.
  2. Telegram App: Create a channel and interact with your audience closer.
  3. Online Communities: That’s where online forums come to.
  4. Social Media Advertisements: Where to go without them?
  5. Display Ads: Be careful, usually this kind of strategy doesn’t work in the case of cryptocurrencies.
  6. Bitcoin Communities: Crypto forums, online groups, etc.
  7. Email Marketing Campaigns: This can be your loyal partner in the marketing strategy.
  8. Search Engine Optimization: This is one of the most effective and proven ways of boosting website visibility and rankings, so grab it!


In a nutshell, cryptocurrency online forums are a way of increasing your knowledge, experience, and sharing knowledge on the crypto world. So take part in such forums as much as possible.



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