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Experts have estimated the potential of long-term investments in cryptocurrencies and made recommendations on purchasing and custody of the assets.

In the last five years BTC has grown 7500% in price. Investing $100 in BTC in 2016 nowadays would have led to over $75,000 profits. Moreover, in April 2021, when BTC price reached its all-time maximum of $64,000, the profits could have run at $105,000. In this article we will try to explain how investment in cryptocurrency can become a good alternative to retirement savings.

Clear choice

As Nikita Soshnikov, the director of Alfacash crypto exchange, states, nowadays BTC is…

Only three years ago, in 2018 BTC and ETH had a significant difference in the level of their reliability for investors.

Back then, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was deciding whether to approve two bitcoin exchange-traded funds proposed by ProShares making traders and investors committed to cryptocurrencies set sights on BTC.

At the same time Ethereum’s decentralized gaming applications reminded heavily of Ponzi schemes. One of these gambling dapps (FOMO 3D) managed to gather $7 million from its users in as short as one week exploiting one-third of Ethereum’s hashrate. …

For the past week, BTC has been steadily running up to $50,000 point. However, technical analysis shows further upturn is hardly to be expected.

On Sunday, 22 August BTC to USD rate almost reached $50,000 level beating a three-month record. In general, the last week demonstrated the staying power of higher price rates.

Interestingly, the Plan B analysts earlier insisted that BTC could reach a potential $450,000 rate by the end of 2021 with $135,000 rate being the worst-case scenario. …

Microsoft products including Windows OS and Microsoft Office have always been a target for online piracy. For this reason, the company pays extra attention to establishing strong anti-piracy measures.

In a recent research carried in collaboration with Alibaba and Carnegie Mellon University Microsoft presents the design, implementation and evaluation of the Argus system — a fully transparent yet secure incentive system for anti-piracy campaigns.

The key problem of incumbent distributed systems, the researchers say, is lack of transparency in the anti-piracy mechanism. Owners of information, those who use it legally (licensees), those who leak information and reporters all have different…

One of the largest retailers and e-commerce companies in North America, Walmart, is currently seeking for an experienced digital and crypto currency product lead to join the team at the headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.

The company is looking for a candidate with an MBA degree (or equivalent) and at least 10 years of experience in product/program management and technology driven product commercialization. Expertise in blockchain technologies and profound understanding of crypto ecosystem are listed as great advantages for a job seeker.

Walmart does not show its hand regarding what the direction of its future crypto strategy is. However, the company…

For a long time, digital assets have caused controversy among investors, as they are not tied to actual fund flows like the conventional assets are. For this reason, it might appear that the value of digital assets is nothing but how market players evaluate them — a baseline speculation.

The origin of this conviction is quite clear. One of the key principles of modern finance introduced by Benjamin Graham and extended by Warren Buffet has been value investing. In such a paradigm, the fundamental value of digital resources does seem to be scarce.

However, what in general determines the value…

To start your journey in the crypto world you have to set up a crypto wallet. This is basically your account where all of your coins are stacked. However, it drastically stands out from an ordinary bank account. The main differences are its anonymity and security — the key features cryptocurrency is valued for. To ensure these features cryptocurrency is based on certain technologies every crypto user should be familiar with:

· Private keys

· Public keys

· Wallet address

Today we are going to talk about these technologies on the example of BTC.

Let’s look at some bright examples to see if the game is worth the candle!

Due to the unreal growth of the value of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, some especially lucky people were able to get rich, and someone was able to break a fortune. To give a lucky example, Changpeng Zhao can be remembered.

Changpeng Zhao, Head of Binance

In one year, Changpeng Zhao managed to go from an ordinary citizen of the Middle Kingdom to the richest man in China who made his fortune from cryptocurrencies. In 2018, Forbes estimated his capital at $1–2 billion. To get that kind of money, Zhao had to…

The topic of investing in cryptocurrencies in 2021 has become more relevant than ever before. Of course, bitcoin and altcoins set new value records almost every week. However, it is possible to lose the last of your money in pursuit of a possible capital increase. The head of cryptocurrency exchange J2TX tells about what people who want to invest in “crypto” should keep in mind.

The main risk of investing in cryptocurrencies is the unregulated nature of the market. …

Many beginner traders want to engage in trading futures as soon as possible as this exact instrument normally generates the biggest revenue. Newbies notice that professional traders reap the biggest profits from these tools. However, not many of them understand how much riskier trading futures and currency is for the capital. Some of the complexities and risks are the following:

· Higher stops and gappings (with a chance of having no stop-loss at all)

· Dependence on numerous indicators (such as S&P 500, oil and other market indexes)

· Strong and usually unpredictable response to news, market fluctuations, etc.



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